TREC  Forensic Video Image Enhancement & Analysis
Providing Video Enhancement & Analysis, Authentication, Expert Witness Testimony,
Courtroom Setup & Turnkey Video Enhancement Workstations,
for Law Enforcement, Industrial Security, Attorneys, and the Court   

No one recognizes themselves better in enhanced video than the perpetrator, ergo - plea bargains and cost savings for the investigator and the court.  


Expert opinion in Forensic Video Image Enhancement & Analysis has been rendered in both criminal and civil matters in multiple jurisdictions including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, New York, Louisiana, Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Missouri, and North Dakota.   Dr. Edwards has testified against the Federal Government, for and against the State, on behalf of the Plaintiff, or the Defendant in prior civil and  criminal cases.   click to print cv 

Definition Forensic: relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems

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