TREC  Forensic Video Image Enhancement w/Analysis Report & Expert Witness Testimony for Law Enforcement, Industrial Security, Attorneys and the Court

No one recognizes themselves better in enhanced video than the perpetrator,
ergo - plea bargains and cost savings for the investigator and the Court

Expert opinion in Forensic Video Image Enhancement & Analysis has been rendered in both criminal and civil matters in multiple jurisdictions including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, New York, Louisiana, Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Missouri & North Dakota.

          Dr. Edwards (Ph.D.-Physics) has testified against the Federal Government, for and against the State, on behalf of the Plaintiff, or the Defendant in prior civil or criminal cases.

Definition Forensic: relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems
 Contact Information   Expert Witness Material <> "CV" with Case References

Each and every individual video frame/image is captured, enhanced and analyzed
with no further compression /de-compression degradation-loss

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Forensic Video Image Enhancement & Analysis
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Expert Witness Material <> "CV" with Case References
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